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Paul Burbage - Old and Bold Racing

Paul M

Paul has ridden bikes for many years 1987. He is currently a production engineer working for Pepsico (Walkers foods) and lives in Melton Mowbray. Married to Lisa  (apparently she wants a mention LOL). Zero kids but 4 rabbits, 1 cat, 1 chinchilla , 3 degus (ratty things from Chile) and some fish. He met Andy a couple of years ago and they bump into each other on track days. Paul's first "bike" was a PX125 Vespa, second was an RD350lc. Currently BMW K1300s for road.

Andy Main - Spellfame Racing


Riding bikes since 1975, started with a CZ125, upgraded to a MZ250 (ha ha) and had about 20+ bikes over the year including Brit iron and Harleys. Currently has a Ducati 999S and a R1200GS for the road. Runs engineering for a firm up in Preston but lives in Bucks. Specialises in taking the mick. Married with 4 kids, 4 cats and 1 dog and now is a grandfather (twice over)!.

Paul is on the left

Paul W

Paul has raced for several years starting with a bandit before racing in Hottrax endurance with several partners including Andy. Successful race winner, he had a year of  last year but missed it so much that he is back. Lives in darkest Leicestershire with Sharon and Bruce. Not quite a menage a trois as Bruce is a dog!

The Team

 Scott, Kevin, Racky, Paul, Andy, Richard, Steve and Steve


Works for Hansons Aggregates. Has been a biker all his life and currently runs a Harley and a Suzuki GT500 and renovating a GT380. Helped us out at Spellfame as well marshalling but now promoted to full pit crew  ;-)



I first met Nige in 2010 when I was racing in Pirates Racing with Paul W. Nige provided som emuch needed sponsorship. Apparently the excitement of our races got him into racing as well and he is racing in Thundersport. He will join us for the Donny Hottrax 6 hour round with me an Paul W.